“What the hell do we want, Is it only to go, Where nobody has gone...”Out Of This World (Acoustic Version)
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Martin WildeSorry, but no. It's a tuneless cacophony of puerile whining... Marillion haven't made a decent album since Marbles. I have been avidly following Marillion since I first saw them at Hammersmith in 1983 and up to (and including) Marbles I have loved everything they have done, but what we've had recently is just tuneless noodling underneath H's incessant whining. They can do better than that, they really can. I'm very sad to say it, but Marillion have simply lost their way in the last few years. Just my opinion of course, and I am sure that plenty will disagree with me.16 hours ago   ·  3
Jonas LövgrenSince I got it for my birthday in February It's been on a loop in my car. Best album since Brave. I feel they have found their way back to concept and quality.16 hours ago
Ståle Furunes GundersenAm I the only person in this Galaxy that think this album is totally crap? I love Marillion by the way......19 hours ago   ·  6
Eike HarnischVoted 2x for Marillion and 2x for Neal Morse Band. So everyone should be happy. 😊18 hours ago
Rick BrownI have held off from buying this album due to mixed reviews. Just reading fans views here and I'm still unsure!!15 hours ago
Declan BoyleCan't vote for this as much as I love them.. it's just uninspired18 hours ago
Santos MartínezListo, pero vengan a Colombia que ya aburren que no vienen NUNCA.16 hours ago
Henry MinjootI'm still tying to "feel" this album since it was released ... hmmm11 hours ago
Paul Lupsononly a few songs I like on the album but you can't put this band down coz there is a lot of shit music out there6 hours ago
Myriam MellySans hésitation... cet album est le meilleur de l'année 2016 et mon amour/admiration déborde encore en juin 2017... jusqu'à quand cela ? Peut-être pour toujours ! J'aime Marillion ++++ à l'infini... et j'aime tous leurs albums de toutes façons... FEAR est différent et très très abouti lui aussi, j'adore ! J'aimerai toujours Marillion... je le sais maintenant que j'ai eu cette chance un jour de les découvrir ! Des milliers de MERCI pour FEAR... et des milliers de MERCI pour tous les albums précédents ! Myriam Femme Lumière, de Genève😉. A tout bientôt à Pratteln en Suisse !😉16 hours ago
Elmar DiedrichYear? You mean Century 😃😍20 hours ago
Mark AndrewsDoned !!20 hours ago
Doug KerrIt's by far the best album of last year.13 hours ago
Andrew HerbergerNo. MAGA!17 hours ago
Ania OleszczakDone :) <319 hours ago
Andy Reusserdun 'n' dusted20 hours ago
Rose BarnfieldDone :)20 hours ago
Robert HaithWasn't iy released last year?13 hours ago
David BeralDone 👍😃18 hours ago
Ricardo ArrudaAmazing!15 hours ago
Howard AshworthDone 👍😃18 hours ago
Darius Jon SmithI saw Fish (Marrilion) whilst in Bosnia in 1996 at a CSE show.16 hours ago
Armandoe EstradeitorrYea18 hours ago
Paulo NettoDoes anyone have the link?14 hours ago
Jeje JejeTop top top album17 hours ago

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Richard GreenVoted. I keep telling anyone who will listen. I haven't been moved by music in the same way that F.E.A.R has moved me in years.20 hours ago   ·  13
Eddie Roy MalthouseWhy no category for best track?? New Kings the best Marillion track for many years. El Dorado not far behind. Come on Marillion family .... VOTE!!!!!13 hours ago   ·  1
Pete TrewavasThank you thank you, you lovely people.19 hours ago   ·  21
Paul SmithAbout time Steve rothery was nominated for prog god20 hours ago   ·  12
Alison RedfernOh if I must!! Lol 😁 done. If they don't smash the awards it'll be criminal ;-)19 hours ago   ·  1
Sandra HarsantHappy to vote and Good Luck, you deserve it. See you at the Royal Albert Hall in Oct xx18 hours ago   ·  1
Mike HallAll done,and good luck, you deserve to win all categories!19 hours ago   ·  1
Tobbe LindqvistDone! Good luck and please record the award winning speaches!! 🏆😎13 hours ago   ·  1
Carola MardonesDone, good luck!!!!, see you at the London Palladium in Nov!!!!!18 hours ago
Louise DenetI voted for you in each categories! Good luck! You deserve it ;)19 hours ago
Simone BoekenVoted in 3 categories. Hope you get what you deserve guys.<3 <3 <3 Fingers crossed. See you on sunday in Cologne.😍😍😍6 hours ago
Rudy van IJzendoornVoted for the boys in each category they were nominated in.20 hours ago
Danail DantchevVoted of course. See you at the Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria:-)16 hours ago
Rui JesusSome recognition of the great work of this special band .. The best kept secret in rock history.. congrats guys😉19 hours ago
Lisa HarringtonPleased to vote for the Best Band in the Universe!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Marillion!!!!10 hours ago
Marce AloI thing that Marillon is the Best Band without dudes!! I love it💖1 hour ago
Nicole VaeriniDo kömmend miar grad mini ersta Unihocktränings bi Civitas in Sinn 😉16 hours ago
Marcela VGAmazing album, cant stop listening to it. Thank you Marillion, you are the best! greetings from Mexico.9 hours ago
German VergaraCongratulations guys! It was a pleasure playing with you in Chile15 hours ago
Paul Lupsonvoted best wishes for you have all albums on cd se you guyz at royal Albert hall6 hours ago
Valerie ZielingerVoted 😉 in all categories you were nominated in ! Hope you will win 👍 already saw you 2 times for F.E.A.R. tour ! Many thanks for all 😍😍19 hours ago
Paul EkenVoted. That was not that hard😂😂😂 You guys are the best!!!20 hours ago
Peter WübbenSensationelles Album 🎸🎹😎20 hours ago   ·  1
Sandrine CharneauVous le méritez tellement.21 hours ago   ·  3
Audrey SerrautCongratulations to the best band of the world !17 hours ago   ·  1

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